USAC Announces FY2011 Window Dates

Opening and Closing Dates for FY2011 Form 471 Application Filing Window

The FY2011 Form 471 application filing window will open at noon EST on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 and close at 11:59 pm EDT on Thursday, March 24, 2011. The window will be open for 73 days.

Applicants will be filing a revised version of the Form 471 for the FY2011 window. You should review the revised Form 471 and revised Form 471 Instructions before you file. The USAC website will feature the revised version of the form – both online and on paper – when the window opens.

Note that the Form 471 Item 21 attachment is a window filing requirement – that is, Item 21 attachments must be submitted by the close of the filing window.

A revised version of the Form 470 will also be available at about the same time. Applicants can file now using the current (October 2004) version of the form or wait until the new form is available. Note that you cannot use the current version of the form after the revised form goes live on the USAC website.

For applicants that have filed or intend to file a Form 470 using the current version of the form:

  • If you filed your Form 470 more than two weeks ago and it is not yet posted to the USAC website, you can check the status of your form by calling the Client Service Bureau at 1-888-203-8100. We may be trying to reach you to get corrections or additional information so that we can complete data entry of your form.
  • If you file on paper, send your form in time for USAC to receive it by January 4, 2011. This will give us time to contact you if we need more information before we can post your form.
  • If you have started a Form 470 online, complete your form and push the submit button before January 11, 2011. You will have to start all over again if you do not.
  • If you have completed a Form 470 online, certify it as soon as possible but no later than January 11, 2011. The certification process will not be available online for these forms after that date.

You can also refer to the revised Form 470 and the revised Form 470 Instructions for more information.