Detailed Applicant Services

eRate 360’s goal is to provide high quality solutions to ALL E-rate program participants. To achieve these performance levels, we focus on E-rate program compliance support.

We provide a complete set of deliverables as your E-rate partner, eRate 360:

  • Monitors E-rate program developments on a daily basis.
  • Reviews your Technology Plan, assists you in making any necessary revisions, and facilitates the timely approval of the changes if necessary. We will make sure that your Tech Plan will meet USAC requirements.
  • Works with your technology staff to make sure that all eligible services and products, both currently in operation and those in the planning stages, are included in your E-rate process.
  • Keeps abreast of the changes in the E-rate process, especially new services and products designated as eligible by USAC, and will help your technology staff take advantage of these newly eligible services and products.
  • Evaluates your status versus the “2-in-5” rule for Internal Connections, and develops strategies for maximizing your access to Internal Connections funding.
  • Reviews your bid process, RFPs, and documents and works with you to improve compliance with the E-rate program.
  • Verifies that your service providers hold proper FCC USF certification.
  • Works to obtain all information needed from your service providers for preparation of funding requests and Item 21 attachments.
  • Provides drafts of Forms 470 & 471 for your approval during the preparation of these forms, and posts and ensures certification of these forms within their designated windows.
  • Prepares and files Item 21 attachments to provide SLD’s PIA reviewers with the required information that not only provides a clear and accurate description of services and products but facilitates the PIA review process.
  • Reviews Form 471 for possible changes after its submission and recommends necessary changes. We then submit to SLD all necessary change requests as appropriate, including RAL changes, PIA corrections, SPIN changes, service substitutions, and Form 500.
  • Responds to PIA review questions and ensures the best possible outcome of the review process.
    If required, manages higher-level review and audit processes (including Selective & Cost effectiveness Reviews) and makes all appropriate responses to reviewers and auditors.
  • Files Form 486 after verifying your CIPA compliance, approval of your Technology Plan, and service start dates of your FRNs, and handles any review questions that may be received from SLD.
  • Works with you and your service providers to initiate E-rate discounts on your invoices in a timely manner.
  • If necessary, works with you to prepare and submit BEAR forms on FRNs not receiving E-rate discounts.