Appeals Assistance

Our compliance team at eRate 360 Solutions has the expertise and experience to analyze and gather the appropriate information in preparation of appeals that address any and all reasons for denial of funding requests by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).

Our highly skilled team will advise the client on the likelihood of success, based on the circumstances involved. We have successfully pursued many appeals to USAC and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over the course of the program. eRate 360 has experienced over an 88 percent success rate.

eRate 360 Solutions will write an appeal on behalf of an applicant or service provider or draft an appeal for your review & submission. Due to the FCC’s increasing willingness to grant appeals and waivers it is important to appeal if you believe the SLD erred in a funding decision.

eRate 360’s knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing regulations in the E-rate program, has allowed us to develop a very high success rate winning appeals. We continually monitor all FCC appeal decision data bases as well as other E-rate sources to keep us on the cutting edge of past precedents to strengthen our prepared appeals.