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eRate 360 works with public and private schools, school districts, consortia, and libraries of all sizes, across all 50 states to assist them navigate the E-rate program. Service is tailored to the needs of each client, providing a total and complete solution for some and more limited Compliance Services for others.

eRate 360’s extensive hands on E-rate program experience provides our customers with outstanding service and a resounding “bang for the buck” return on investment. Fully committed to helping applicants receive successful benefits through participation in the E-rate program, eRate 360 does not disappear when E-rate applications are filed.

Why having a compliance expert is becoming increasingly important:

  • FCC and USAC spending more resources on auditing.
  • USAC is conducting 1000 further site audits per year.
  • There will be an increased number of full compliance audits.
  • No one wants to be in the position of returning E-rate dollars due to non compliance.
  • As the National Economy continues to struggle & state education budgets continually shrink – maximizing your E-rate dollars becomes more crucial.

eRate 360 puts you on the path to compliance. Whether you need full compliance services or have specific consultation or training needs, we have the high quality solutions that make navigating the process easier. Call us to schedule a conversation with a Compliance Officer to assess your E-rate needs and receive a tailored compliance package quote.

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If you would like to know more about our services for Applicant Solutions, you can read more in the articles below:

Appeals Assistance

Our compliance team at eRate 360 Solutions has the expertise and experience to analyze and gather the appropriate information in preparation of appeals that address any and all reasons for denial of funding requests by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).

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Audit and Compliance Reviews

At eRate 360 Solutions our “bread and butter” is responding to reviews on behalf of our clients to ensure that they are in compliance with program regulations. Furthermore, eRate 360 also provides recommendations on non-compliance issues to bring you into compliance with every facet of the E-rate program.

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