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eRate 360 Solutions offers a host of solutions aimed at keeping you E-rate compliant and ultimately achieving your overall or specific E-rate objectives.

We not only manage the normal planning, procurement and forms processing tasks, but use our expertise to preserve your funding in less ordinary situations such as appealing for denied funding, getting you through a selective review or audit, or recovering unclaimed E-rate funds from a previous year.  eRate 360 takes the burden off your valuable time by providing the following services by a compliance team with unique USAC/SLD and E-rate consulting experience with an incredibly successful tracking record:

Technology Plan Guidance

  • Serve as advisory to clients concerning USAC technology plan criteria.
  • We will not prepare or evaluate the quality of the technology plan.

E-Rate Procurement Compliance

  • Advise to clients concerning procurement policies and procedures related to USAC participation.
  • Ensure that your Requests for Proposal (RFP) comply with USAC regulations.
  • Advise a client of USAC rules regarding the possible use of different technologies or contracting matters.
  • We will not participate in the selection process of a Service Provider, this includes the recommendation of, the evaluation of, and/or awarding of a contract to a Service Provider.

Forms Processing

  • Consult with clients using simple but comprehensive checklists and prepare forms.
  • Complete, verify, submit and certify all required E-rate forms.
  • Record and save all completed forms and associated files in eRate 360’s redundant and secure electronic document repository for five (5) years, allowing secure access to our clients.

Audit / Review Management

  • Our compliance staff stands ready to be in your corner to get you through cost effective, selective reviews and on-site audits. We have been there before. In fact, members of our compliance team served as selective reviewers for USAC/SLD.

Recovery of Unclaimed Funds

  • We determine to what extent you may have “left money on the table” and the circumstances surrounding that event. Then if the possibility exists, we execute the process that will return those entitled dollars back to your school or library.


  • eRate 360 has a success rate of over 88 percent in winning USAC and FCC appeals for our clients in all aspects of funding denials. Give us a chance to turn your E-rate fortunes around!

Consultation Services

  • We can also just serve you in the capacity of “E-rate consultant”. You fill out your forms. You respond to Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) and Selective Reviews. We will be there in your corner to ensure what you have done is correct and compliant. eRate 360 will be there for you as your back-up and consultative associate!

If you would like to know more about our specific services, they are explained in greater detail below:

Applicant Solutions

eRate 360 works with public and private schools, school districts, consortia, and libraries of all sizes, across all 50 states to assist them navigate the E-rate program. Service is tailored to the needs of each client, providing a total and complete solution for some and more limited Compliance Services for others.

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