SLD Tip of the Week and News Briefs for Dec. 30, 2010

TIP OF THE WEEK: If you want to find your consultant’s Consultant Registration Number (CRN), you can ask your consultant or call the Client Service Bureau at 1-888-203-8100. CSB can search for a CRN by consultant name and either the zip code or the city and state where the consultant is located. Consultants that do not yet have a CRN can contact CSB to obtain one.

Funding Commitments for Appeals and Prior Funding Years 

USAC occasionally releases waves for original commitments for prior funding years and for commitments on meritorious appeals for all funding years. Commitments on meritorious appeals are revisions of earlier commitment decisions that result from successful appeals.

Each month, summary information for these waves is posted on the Prior Year Wave Information page in the Outreach and Training section of the USAC website.

As an example, below is the list from the Prior Year Wave Information Page of the waves issued in November 2010 for both prior funding years and for meritorious appeals:

Waves for Prior Funding Years

FCDL Date Wave Funding Year Amount
November 4 80P 2008 $2,328,036.25
November 22 80Q 2008 $897,289.29
November 1 80R 2007 $6,536,130.90
November 8 80S 2007 $0.00
November 17 67E 2005 $122,346.10

Appeal Waves

RFCDL Date Wave Funding Year Amount
November 4 A05 2010 $148,969.56
November 18 A06 2010 $209,855.23
November 2 A20 2009 $76,886.62
November 29 A21 2009  $211,074.08
November 3 A24 2008 $5,232.18
November 24 A25 2008 $123,823.99
November 16 A37 2007 $49,231.19
November 23 A62 2006 $26,886.81
November 24 A64 2002 $3,801.68


To help you understand this information, note the following:

Original commitment waves for prior funding years are issued occasionally after the final weekly wave and designated by the wave number of the final weekly wave plus a letter. For example, the final weekly wave for FY2008 was Wave 80 issued on February 24, 2010, so the occasional waves of original commitments issued after that wave were designated 80A, 80B, 80C and so on.
  • As you can see from the table above, USAC issued two original commitment waves for FY2008 – Waves 80P and 80Q – in November. These waves are therefore the 16th and 17th waves issued after the last regular (weekly) commitment wave for FY2008, “P” and “Q” being the 16th and 17th letters of the alphabet.
  • As a reminder for applicants looking for information on waves in the USAC database, wave numbers are always three alphanumeric digits. Waves 80 and 80A for FY2008 are designated “080” and “80A” respectively.
Appeal waves for a funding year may be issued even before the final weekly wave is run. Appeal wave numbers begin with the letter “A” and are followed by a two-digit number. Therefore, the first three appeal waves for a funding year are designated A01, A02, and A03. USAC issues Revised Funding Commitment Decision Letters (RFCDLs) for positive commitments in appeal waves.
  • As you can see from the table above, USAC issued two appeal waves for FY2010 – Waves A05 and A06 – in November. These waves included revised commitments for funding decisions made by USAC and later successfully appealed. Appeal waves A01 and A02 for FY2010 were issued in September 2010 and appeal waves A03 and A04 were issued in October, which you can verify yourself on the Prior Year Wave Information page.

For specific information on prior year, appeal, and regular commitment waves, refer to the Data Retrieval Tool on the USAC website. Remember, if you search for data by wave number, all wave numbers are three alphanumeric digits in length.