Reissue of FCC Form 486 Notification Letters

You recently received an FCC Form 486 Notification Letter from USAC in response to an FCC Form 486 filed by your Billed Entity (USAC issues a letter for each form filed, so you may have received more than one letter). This message is to notify you that we will be reissuing that letter.

Due to a processing error, the information from your FCC Form 486 was not shared with your service provider(s). In order to get the information to your service provider(s) in the correct format and on the same date as your letter, we must reissue all letters affected by the error to both you and your service provider.

The status of your FCC Form 486 will not change, i.e., if a form shows as certified now, it will continue to show as certified. The only change from your perspective is that, because the reissued FCC Form 486 Notification Letters will have a new date, the appeal deadline for the decisions in those letters will be reset to 60 days after the reissued letter date.

You can call us at (888) 203-8100 if you have any questions. We apologize for any inconvenience.