Item 21 Attachments Reminder from USAC

Additional Guidance Regarding Forms 471 and Item 21 Attachments

March 24, 2011

Forms 471 and Item 21 attachments received or postmarked after Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 11:59 pm EDT will be considered as received out-of-window.

However, as FCC Order DA-11-88 paragraph 5 indicates:

Beginning with funding year 2011, when USAC determines that an application lacks an Item 21 attachment, USAC shall treat the missing attachment as it treats a missing certification. USAC shall inform the applicant promptly in writing of the omission and give it 15 calendar days from receipt of that notice to submit the missing item 21 attachments. We believe that the 15-day period is limited enough to ensure that funding decisions are not unreasonably delayed, is sufficient time for applicants to file item 21 attachments, and ultimately should decrease administrative costs associated with interrupted reviews. We also clarify that if applicants do not provide timely responses to USAC requests for omitted item 21 attachments, USAC should treat the associated applications as out of window for the purposes of meeting the filing window deadline.