FCC Clarifies its position on SmartNet

The FCC has finally clarified its position on Cisco SmartNet.  We recently found out from SLD’s Client Service Bureau that the FCC has advised SLD that the FCC’s  12/15/10 BMIC “clarification” order did not refer to SmartNet.

SLD advised us that:

  • Cisco SmartNet is definitely ineligible.
  • Cisco’s replacement product, CiscoBase, is eligible.

 Applicant 470’s requesting BMIC for Cisco equipment should request CiscoBase and not SmartNet.  However, the language on the 470 must be checked:

  • If the 470 requests SmartNet with “wiggle-words” such as “SmartNet or a similar product” your 470 is OK – they can simply contact bidders to request re-quoting for CiscoBase.
  • If the 470 requests SmartNet without any “wiggle-words” you will need to post a new 470 requesting either a generic BMIC contract or “CiscoBase or a similar product.”