Mission / Vision

We carry out our mission and pursue our vision guided by the principles of stewardship:

  • We choose service to others over our own self-interest.
  • We are accountable to the individuals and communities we serve for our performance and for responsible use of the resources that have been entrusted to us.

Our decisions and actions demonstrate that we value:


We treat all with dignity, respect and courtesy. We listen to our customers and one another. We are responsive to what people say they want and need.


We strive to achieve and sustain excellence in the work we do. We communicate our performance results. We continuously improve the processes and the outcomes of our work. We welcome new ideas and innovations that further our mission. We seek to understand, to learn, and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge through education and research.


We are honest and fair in our relationship with others. We do what we say we will do. Integrity always takes precedence over personal or corporate profit in making any decision.


We will work together as partners and team members to achieve desired results for those we server.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be national leaders in providing E-Rate consulting and forms processing services to schools, libraries, consortiums, and service providers throughout the United States and its territories. To that end we will strive to be:

  • A stimulating place, where and passion for the work we do are nurtured and expressed.
  • A respectful place, where we take pride in the organization’s success and the contributions we make in service to others.
  • A respected place where prestige is earned through expertise, excellence in the quality of service provided, and by helping all involved with the Schools and Libraries Division of the Universal Service Fund, and making sure that they are compliant within the program.

Our Professional Code

All of our services are backed by our long standing dedication and work ethic of seeing our clients succeed within the E-rate program and the integrity that each and every member of the compliance team and indeed the entire firm bring to our positions. We can all look at ourselves in the mirror and feel good in the knowledge that our clients are compliant to the rules and regulations of the E-rate program and have experienced all that E-rate affords them.