About eRate 360

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eRate 360 Solutions is one of the nation’s leading E-Rate Funding Compliance and Consulting Services firms and proud member of E-mpa.

Our goal is to provide high quality solutions to meet the expectations of e-rate applicants and service providers. From the largest school districts to the smallest charter/private schools eRate 360 Solutions has a solution for you.

eRate 360 Solutions provides comprehensive E-Rate solutions to over 130 clients, with offices in Nevada, New Jersey, and Alabama. eRate 360 Solutions was formed in March of 2008 by a team of already experienced in providing E-Rate consulting services. Our unparalleled compliance team brings E-rate experience from both sides of the E-Rate system:

  • All of our compliance officers were trained by USAC’s Schools and Libraries Division as application reviewers. Each of our compliance officers served as Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) reviewers, and in addition, held positions as Selective Reviewers and as members of the SLD team preparing audit and appeal documentation.
  • As consultants for schools and libraries, enabling our clients to optimize the E-Rate process to achieve maximum funding results.

Our compliance team has the unique advantage of understanding the E-Rate process from beginning to end, from their experience as SLD reviewers; as such, we can provide top quality services such as:

  • Assisting our clients in identifying all eligible services that they are currently using and may not be applying for,
  • Educating our clients about the different service eligible to them through the E-Rate program,
  • Review of current technology plan to make sure it’s in compliance with the rules of the E-Rate program,
  • Submitting all applicant forms (470, 471, 479, 472, 486, 500),
  • Working with service providers in preparing their forms (473, 474, 498),
  • Successfully completing SLD reviews, audits, and appeals, and
  • Ensuring our clients receive their E-Rate funding, either through service provider discounts or BEAR reimbursements.